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Mom’s Sunday Roast. Oh man, I can already smell it…

There’s nothing better than a good ‘ole roast or a pot of spaghetti and meatballs waiting when we come home from church. You can smell if from the garage; like Grandma has been cooking all morning.

Here’s a happy medium when you can’t decide.

My mom made this recipe when I was a kid. I’ve never had it anywhere else so I’m find with saying it’s an old family recipe. I must admit: I get nostalgic in the kitchen. My sister, Annalisa, thinks I’m half nuts when I pull anything out of mom’s old cookbook and if she reads this, she will roll her eyes that I still make this.

I’m sure these ingredients could be tweaked, but if I …

Lemon Chicken

Here’s another one of my go-to meals. When I make this my kids always say, “Yum!” And, I like when they’re happy. I usually have a few chicken breasts lurking somewhere in the back of the freezer and I always have fresh lemons on hand. If you’ve got these two key ingredients, then you can pull this simple recipe together.

You will need:

At least four skinless, boneless chicken breasts


Seasonings: Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Parsley


Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Better Than Bouillon chicken base (If you keep fresh chicken stock on hand, you can use that. I’m impressed if you do.)

Before you get started, throw some more chicken in there because this makes great

Looking for a new meal idea? Try this recipe!

Lana’s Curry Chicken…My Way

My friend, Lana Irons (you can visit her page at www.ByeByeOffice.com) posted this recipe last year. She stated that it was “kid friendly.” Yeah, right. Maybe friendly for your kid, but not mine! I have one good eater, one not so. Desperate for a new recipe one Friday, I decided to try this (I seldom try a recipe that doesn’t come with a picture but I did anyway). It was a hit for ¾ of our family. Eventually, Eli came aboard and now this is one of our family’s favorite meals. I’ve made adjustments from her recipe to come up with how we like it. You can read my ending note to see the varying …