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Baby, Baby…It’s Beautiful Thursday.



Warning: This blog, with faces all new and squishy, is going to make you want a baby. It made me want one…for all of about 23.7 seconds.

I can’t think of a better way to share a Beautiful Thursday with you than to tell you about some people who have just come into the world.



I want to kiss those puffy cheeks and squeeze chunky baby toes as I marvel at the perfect creation given by the great Creator.

First, there’s Arwyn. I think I know what the smile of God looks like just by glancing at this bundle of pure perfection. With beautiful black hair, her tiny body bundled up in pink, she captured me …

For Those With Beautiful Daughters.

Beautiful Thursday…my mantra. But what do I write when I haven’t felt the beauty of the emerging Spring or wanted to do anything but stare at the ceiling to try and find some hidden meaning in the blahs?

Thankfully I have a thought that has been playing like a tape stuck on repeat. Speak To Her. And that’s where I’m headed on this Beautiful Thursday.

I’ve spent a lot of extra time with my daughter these last two weeks. We left the boys home and drove to Florida for Spring Break (we’ve never done that before). Upon returning, and because of the boys going out of town, I’ve driven Sophie to school every morning which I don’t typically do. …

Beautiful Thursday, Beautiful Survivor

I just returned from spending a week with my Aunt in Florida. We’re close. Legend has it that when she saw me lying in the warmer after my birth, she became overwhelmed with happiness and tears. The first thing that came to her, and in the form of a tender whisper, was the name Kimberlee Joy. Okay, none of that is true except that she named me (she still smiles when she tells people that). I remember her taking me to see every one of the Apple Dumpling Gang films and being the aunt everyone wanted to be with. She enjoyed spending time with me then, and she still welcomes me home now.

There was a time when we …


I’ve been excited this entire week because of today’s blog. It’s Thursday and someone needs to know they’re beautiful.

As for me, I had big plans to WOW you with my abilities this week. First I considered the sweet lady who sells The Contributer (a local newspaper that gives homeless and formerly homeless people a source of income) and who I pass often. I was going to buy some extra newspapers and then tell her how beautiful she is. Unfortunately she hasn’t been at the intersection of I-65 and Harding all week so that idea tanked.

The next best thing? A nursing home. I wanted to drop in, stick some flowers into the hands of someone who hadn’t had any …




Today I am starting something new. Maybe it will trend. Oh, yeah that’s it; you’ve got to use the right language if you want anything to catch on now.

Whatever. (No, make that Whatevs. That’s how Sophie would say it.)

I recently stalked looked at one of my friend’s albums on FB. I was so surprised by one pic that I immediately private messaged her with, “There are few women in the world that can show up * , but you did by 1,000000000,0000000 degrees. I just needed to tell you once again how absolutely beautiful you are!!”

[* She was standing next to a well-known person but all names have been removed to protect

What To Do With Your Left Overs

Recently I attended a Bible study on John 6. I’ve heard that story since Mr. Perrone’s second grade Sunday school class; we sang about it while arranging felt figures on that simply magical board!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Jesus fed more than 5000 people with a kid’s lunch that consisted of a couple fish and some of his mama’s homemade bread. Oh how he must have dreamed about sitting in the shade and munching on his yummy feast that day! Little did he know what he would give up. I still remember being amazed that Jesus did all that multiplying without twitching his nose or folding his arms and blinking!

But after they were done eating, Jesus told …