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Beautiful Thursday: A Beautiful Cabin

It’s Thursday. I haven’t run into any overly beautiful people to write about. There’s been no life altering happenings since I last wrote and I still haven’t met (or even seen) two of my three neighbors because they’re always gone. So all I see when I look out my windows are trees, a blue country sky, the occasional lightning bug if it’s after six and a deer I’ve named Bridgette that hangs out in our backyard and sends the dog crazy.

Wait a minute. I do have something beautiful to share today. Welcome to my world in the beautiful cabin.

I saw the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last week with my mom; I was the youngest one in …

Beautiful Thursday: It’s a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

When Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor,” I never thought He meant to love the person who lives right next door. So to help Him out, I defined who my “neighbor” would be: my relatives and/or the person in my adjoining cubicle that I went to lunch with every Thursday. But now I think Mr. Rogers was more in tune with Jesus than me. We all have beautiful neighbors in our neighborhood…it’s up to us to see the beauty in them.

37 Jesus said unto him, “‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like

A Beautiful Eternity

A friend of mine passed away suddenly yesterday. It doesn’t make today feel very beautiful. But she sure was.

When Regi and I lived on Long Island between 1993 and 1996, she was my husband’s assistant. This sums it up: she assisted anyone with anything they could ever possibly need. And somewhere between filing, arranging, phone calls, and ordering bagels, we became friends. Though many knew her better, I am honored to have known her like I did.

I remember when she invited us into her home and served us lunch at the massive dinner table with all those kids staring at us (seven in all). There was plenty of laughter that day, and every other day for that matter. …

Are You Thankful For a Beautiful Rear?

Do yourself a favor and get to know Teasi Cannon. The truth is I don’t know her that well except for a FB message here and there. Remember when I said you don’t have to share coffee and bagels to consider someone a friend? Still true!

Teasi speaks frequently at the women’s Bible study at my church and she spoke on that dreaded women’s retreat (see Women, Chocolate and Kleenex: Why Retreats Scare Me). She is the real deal; I would never waste your time with someone that wasn’t. I love how she adds just the right amount of humor as she takes you down the road of pain she traveled for years. She isn’t afraid to laugh with you,

Because Fridays Are Beautiful Too!

Between packing and getting ready to move, I’ve been prone to tears for no apparent reason at the oddest times. Beautiful Thursday thoughts were difficult to come up with. So what if it’s Friday…you can still be beautiful today!

I began feeling melancholy (I love that word) Wednesday morning after Sophie left for her 7th grade class trip to St. Louis. Out of the blue, this thought came to me: How will I survive when she leaves for college…in six years? It’s like I’m supercharged and ready to pour emotion.

The nest is different when one baby bird is gone…ask any Mom. Sophie has been gone for 48 hours and I’m unusually aware that her music isn’t blaring …

When You…Think of Laura

I remember chatting with Laura in an empty Sunday School room while we took care of babies who had no interest in big church. We pondered everything new moms ponder. And then some.

I consider Laura and her husband friends, although we don’t socialize or see each other unless it’s a random run-in. I’ve been watching her ups-and-downs on FaceBook though. Sadly I’ve never offered her support or said, “I”m praying for you” with a cute little heart, for fear that it would come across as trite. Again, I’m not that close to her. I need to work on that.


You don’t have to share coffee and bagels to care about someone. Right?

The baby Laura rocked in her …

85 Years of Beautiful Thursdays

My beautiful friend, Libby

I had lunch with some friends at Puffy Muffin on recently. Unless you live in Nashville, you can’t grasp the full effect of this lunch spot. It’s not my favorite place in town, but the company was worth it.

As one friend and I left the restaurant, we spotted a beautiful blonde getting ready to leave as well. Pushing a three-wheeled cruiser, I assumed that holding the door for her was not only the proper Southern thing to do, she probably needed me to. The three of us started chatting and it wasn’t long before I knew that Libby could take care of herself.

Why share my beautiful new friend with you today? Because people like