It’s Thursday. I haven’t run into any overly beautiful people to write about. There’s been no life altering happenings since I last wrote and I still haven’t met (or even seen) two of my three neighbors because they’re always gone. So all I see when I look out my windows are trees, a blue country sky, the occasional lightning bug if it’s after six and a deer I’ve named Bridgette that hangs out in our backyard and sends the dog crazy.


Wait a minute. I do have something beautiful to share today. Welcome to my world in the beautiful cabin.

I saw the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last week with my mom; I was the youngest one in the theatre! There were so many lines I wanted to remember but I couldn’t write them quick enough. My favorite was, “I don’t just want to cope. I want to thrive.”

That’s how I feel two weeks into our move. I don’t know why we’re renting a cabin on 22 acres or what impact this will have on us. I know there is a purpose (though hiding for now) and there is a reason (which may never become clear to me). My heart is awakened with this growing feeling and I am more aware than ever before. I don’t want to miss whatever is lurking in green pastures; I just want my family to thrive, like Evelyn hoped for in the movie.

My definition of thriving is slowing down—on purpose. The funny thing is that we aren’t the typical family running on overdrive so when I say we are slowing down, I honestly don’t know what we’re slowing down! It’s like I’ve downshifted to second gear and see no need to take go up to third.

Imagine waking up and you’re at summer camp everyday; that’s what it feels like. The floors creek and the toilets are loud when you flush. Oh but how still the air is outside. Sometimes the horses whinny in the distance (thank God there are no chickens). Sometimes a bird gets caught in one of the rafters outside and she goes ballistic until she finds her way out.

It’s not perfect. But what is? What I’m trying to convey is that if you visit me (I hope you will), you’ll have no choice but to slow down. For instance, the water pressure in the shower is quite low so don’t expect the Niagara Falls version (plus the showers are small-small-small). And when you must ascend or descend the upstairs, take it slow. The steps are steep and you’ll break a toe if you take them too quickly. And I can’t seem to remember to buy a new microwave so if you need it warmed up, plan correctly and turn the stove or oven on (it’s one of those older versions as well but it sure makes a good pie). 

And speaking of the oven. Being out here makes me think about pie all the time. Not one of those no-bake-cool-whipped-excuses-for-pie either. I’m talking warm filling, pie crust from scratch. My goal is to slow down, on purpose, and teach Half-Pint Sophie how to master one, whether she wants to or not. Slowing down on purpose means doing a better job of engaging my kids in what I’m doing, not just doing it for them.

I spend most of my time here. Writing, watching, chasing the dog, spraying wood-boring bees. Nothing is perfect.

Slowing down on purpose meant sitting on the porch this week with my parents and watching a storm roll in. When was the last time you did that? If you’re like me, that would be never because there is always too much going on. But it’s summertime and without the noose of schoolwork and basketball and tests and projects around our necks, this is the time to take it all in and let the kids stay up late and watch a sunset or storm.

And did I tell you that I shoveled a pile of manure from the yard this week? I have no idea who was riding and didn’t curb their horse but I must say there was something really wonderful about shoveling it.

And ticks. Don’t come out if they scare you. Eli has had more than the dog and is now our resident tick patrol, stopping at nothing to remove it from Roxy or Sable if needed. I’ve even become so obsessed with making sure one doesn’t hitch a ride on me that last Sunday I leaned over to a complete stranger and told her there was a tick in her hair and I was going to get it out. She was a bit grossed out but proceeded to give me the biggest hug I’ve ever gotten within the four walls of a church. What else was I supposed to do?

I hope this isn’t one of Bridgette’s relatives!

Anyway, I have a deer above the fireplace, a stone fireplace that doesn’t require a switch, walls made of wood, I share a bathroom with a 14-year-old, and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on Wednesday night with some special friends.

That’s my life now and I’m adjusting quite well. Come to think of it, I like not having a microwave. And later I’m finally going to stop at that house that sells fresh brown eggs for $3.00 a dozen. Will it change my life? No. But I will have to slow down so that I don’t miss the turn into their driveway. But I’m getting pretty good at slowing down on purpose.

If you are going to enjoy this Beautiful Thursday, you may have to slow down a bit. Take 30 minutes and listen. To your heart, to God, to the birds, to whatever you haven’t been listening to in a while.

And by all means, come visit me. Just give me enough time to put a pie in the oven.

Just some cool lanterns Eli dug up.

Perfect spot for a tire swing don’t you think? Too bad I gave one away in the Great Purge of ’12. I will find another one today!

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  1. Denise on the June 21, 2012 remarked #

    Very Interesting!!!. This seems to be my number 1 problem. Always rushing from here to there, and back again. Always on the go.There’s always way too much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Its got to the point where I make myself a list of the projects I have to complete each day, to make sure every thing is done.
    We have a lovely back yard covered patio with lounging chairs, and the BBQ, right behind the swim pool.,I have decided to take more time and go out there and relax. I can listen to my music, read, swim, relax, play with the dogs, chat with the hubby, etc. Just RELAX….sounds like Heaven on earth. Yes…this will make a beautiful Thursday for me. Thanks Kim…YOU are so AWESOME…I truly enjoy your blogs, God Bless and keep on blogging….YOU are BLESSING SO MANY!!!!

    • Kimberlee Stone on the June 21, 2012 remarked #

      Thanks, Denise. It does my heart good to know you are enjoying your Beautiful Thursday this way!

  2. Cindy on the June 21, 2012 remarked #

    I love your blog and your house. It has always been my dream to live in a log cabin with a lot of land. Your porch is beautiful! (I would cut down any bush that was over two feet tall. I love clear views.)

    • Kimberlee Stone on the June 21, 2012 remarked #

      I’ve had issue with the hedges too but it does help with our privacy which is why I think they’ve let them get so big. But from the view on the side, it’s clear and nothing interferes! It’s interesting how many people have dreamed of living in a cabin! It is a pretty cool feeling!!

  3. Susan on the June 21, 2012 remarked #

    Oh my… I may turn in to an official stalker and come hang out there.
    How I long for something quieter and slower. Kind of impossible to get when you live in DFW.

    • Kimberlee Stone on the June 22, 2012 remarked #

      Now Susan, I know for a fact, there’s a straight through from BNA to DFW! ;) You know the best part of living out here? Letting my kids go out at any time of day and not worrying or wondering where they are. Half the time, I don’t even lock my doors! I feel like I’m living MY childhood all over again. I’m grateful my husband found this (even though he loves to tell people my first reaction was “I’m NOT living in a cabin…”) Come visit any time and I’ll make you whatever kind of pie you want!

  4. Vickie Riley on the June 22, 2012 remarked #

    What wonderful family memories y’all are making. It’s such a fast paced world and your kids will probably always remember this summers pace in your peaceful cabin. They will be able to recognize beauty and enjoy a quiet moment when the rest of the world gets the jitters from slowing down. My girls grew up experiencing bologna sandwiches from back road gas station’s when we would venture out for the weekend or the family chats on the quiet back porch. And they know that a rainbow, a glimpse at wildlife or a tree beautifully lit by sun or seen among the shadows is still worth pausing for. As Adults they still find a calmness and familiarity in the these simple things. And we just polished off a blackberry cobbler so I’ll look forward to your post about Sophie’s Country Cabin Pie. Enjoyed your post. Vickie

    • Kimberlee Stone on the June 22, 2012 remarked #

      Thanks Vickie for sharing that. I look forward to the memories, even though my one child is a pushing back a bit…as to be expected! It’s interesting how much of this reminds me of some of my best childhood memories. I wouldn’t trade them for a thing either. I did get Eli to help me make a peach cobbler yesterday, which I had to beg for, and then practice my patience in keeping him focused and in the kitchen instead of hovering over his Legos! It worked though and he as proud of his creation. I’m grateful for this time…

  5. Elina on the June 26, 2012 remarked #

    Sounds like the perfect home! And you picked the perfect time of the year to start your beautiful adventure. We “move in” to a cabin every winter for about 10 days (that’s a long time for city folk) and we truly love the pace! The experience for our family (grandparents, uncle, aunt & cousins included) is heavenly! We love watching the winter storm roll in and hot cocoa by the fire is priceless. Must admit our wine time starts early each afternoon, and why not? One day, we will find a place in those mountains that we will call ‘home’~ Cheers to your new home!

    PS- a microwave is my sole cooking device :/

    • Kimberlee Stone on the July 20, 2012 remarked #

      Thanks, Elina! There is something about getting away to the country that helps every family slow down and enjoy their time together. Who knows how long we’ll be here but as long as we are, I’m making the most of it!!

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