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85 Years of Beautiful Thursdays

My beautiful friend, Libby

I had lunch with some friends at Puffy Muffin on recently. Unless you live in Nashville, you can’t grasp the full effect of this lunch spot. It’s not my favorite place in town, but the company was worth it.

As one friend and I left the restaurant, we spotted a beautiful blonde getting ready to leave as well. Pushing a three-wheeled cruiser, I assumed that holding the door for her was not only the proper Southern thing to do, she probably needed me to. The three of us started chatting and it wasn’t long before I knew that Libby could take care of herself.

Why share my beautiful new friend with you today? Because people like

The Cabin In the Woods


Morgan, Sophie’s BF, was at our house during the last round of tornado warnings. While the girls were squished in my closet-turned-office-turned-safe-place, I headed outside to take pictures of the swirly sky. “You’re not much of a worrier, are you?” Morgan commented. Funny how I don’t worry about tornadoes ripping the roof of the house, but do worry what people think of me. I’d say it’s a 6 on a scale of one to ten.

Now, let me get this off my chest: we have not gone off the deep end.

With the very quick sale of our home last week (on the market for five days with four offers), we were faced with two choices: find another house …

Baby, Baby…It’s Beautiful Thursday.



Warning: This blog, with faces all new and squishy, is going to make you want a baby. It made me want one…for all of about 23.7 seconds.

I can’t think of a better way to share a Beautiful Thursday with you than to tell you about some people who have just come into the world.



I want to kiss those puffy cheeks and squeeze chunky baby toes as I marvel at the perfect creation given by the great Creator.

First, there’s Arwyn. I think I know what the smile of God looks like just by glancing at this bundle of pure perfection. With beautiful black hair, her tiny body bundled up in pink, she captured me …

Risking All To Walk On Water

We put our house on the market Thursday. By Sunday, we had two offers. Monday brought one more. I’m reminded of my pastor’s sermon two weeks ago on Risk Faith and Courage—was he talking about For Sale signs as well? MY plan was: find out about a change in schools by Friday, put the house on the market the following Monday, and then by the end of next week, have the house sold! However, in spite of the first answer taking longer than planned, we decided to go ahead and stake the sign in the front. I liken it to sticking my toe into a creek to see the temperature, not ready to jump in yet.

For the first …

For Those With Beautiful Daughters.

Beautiful Thursday…my mantra. But what do I write when I haven’t felt the beauty of the emerging Spring or wanted to do anything but stare at the ceiling to try and find some hidden meaning in the blahs?

Thankfully I have a thought that has been playing like a tape stuck on repeat. Speak To Her. And that’s where I’m headed on this Beautiful Thursday.

I’ve spent a lot of extra time with my daughter these last two weeks. We left the boys home and drove to Florida for Spring Break (we’ve never done that before). Upon returning, and because of the boys going out of town, I’ve driven Sophie to school every morning which I don’t typically do. …